Moo Moo Cow Dog Jammies

Inches from around the neck
Enter UP TO 25 inches from around the chest
Inches from the bottom of the collar to the base of the tail

These are custom made four legged pajamas for your dog. They are made with soft fleece with a black cow print and black rib knit cuffs.  They are closed at the chest but open at the bottom for easy potty time for boys and girls.

This listing is for a small dog size with a chest measurement of UP TO 25 inches. If you are interested for a bigger dog please see my large dog jammies listing.


*Around the neck where the collar lies(exact measurement)
*Around the chest at the widest part just behind the front legs(exact measurement)
*Back length- the length of the back (NOT including the neck) from the base of the neck to the base of the tail(with the dog standing)