How We Got Started

I switched from sewing my own dresses to sewing clothing for dogs after I got my first Italian greyhound, Bella, in 2008.  I started making cute little punky dog coats and selling them at the flea market when I moved to Lake Havasu City. I realized I had a pretty good gig I started my online store.  After many requests I began making four legged Jammies and sweaters and I have been making them since 2009.
When I became big with the big dogs after Mosley's amazing viral video on YouTube I had to enlist the part time help of my assistant/loving boyfriend Ryan Runyon who will sometimes relay emails for me. also included as staff, models, and moral support, are Bella, Pistol, Moo Moo, and Kirin. Of course, I am always 100% involved with each and every item I make and everything is hand made by me after it is ordered. Thank you for reading and please enjoy browsing my shop!